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The first of our wellness articles is inspired by my martial art. It is called Hope For Survival.

You've got to have hope. Without Hope life is meaningless. Without hope life is meaning less and less. - Author unknown

Human beings have a longing for a better tomorrow every day. They would like to be healthier, to have better relationships, to achieve more in all aspects of life.

In looking for better things to come each day, there is hope. This hope is vital to human existence. Just as air, shelter, water and food are necessary for us to survive, hope has a key role in driving us forward every day of our lives.

In my martial art training I have learned many techniques of survival. Being physically and mentally prepared for challenges that might face me at any time is a constant learning experience. You might not associate hope with the martial arts or survival, but let me share some history with you.

There is an ancient ninja teaching called the Zanson No Ho.

It is the basic survival code of the ninja. The ninja were originally Zen Buddhist monks who were farmers the mountainous regions of Japan. In the 1600s the villages of these farmers began to come under attack from the Japanese government. They would send inner samurai tax collectors to rape and pillage and take the spoils back to the Emperor. After years of enduring these harsh conditions, the farmers began to fight back.

Against all odds, the ninja took on the Japanese Government. They were warriors at survival. Many times I'm sure it looked like there was no hope that they could win against such an overwhelming opponent, but after becoming extreme survivalists, they eventually won in protecting their villages against the Japanese Samurai. Hope is a basic tenant in the survival code of the ninja, and they could not have won this peace without it.

The Zanson No Ho describes their basic tenants of survival, including how long you can live without air, shelter, water, food and hope. It is also called the survival rule of 3's.

1. You can live three minutes without air

2. You can live three hours without shelter in harsh conditions

3. You can live three days without water

4. You can live three weeks without food

5. You can live three months without hope

When life seems like it is squeezing the hope out of you, think of these survival rules. You must have hope to survive. How can you build hope when all is lost? Think of the things that are good in your life, even the most basic. Thank God for your family and friends, or that you can breathe, smell the flowers of spring, see the sunset each day, or hear the birds outside your window.

The key is to find what you are grateful for and focus your attention on these things. Once you focus on what is good in your life then these things can grow. Meditate on this.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

Dr. Bryan Schuetz is an author and national lecturer on health and motivation. For more information on hope and motivation go to https://www.daily-motivational-quote.com and see how a daily dose of motivation can change your life.

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