About Dr. Bryan Schuetz

It all started many moons ago on the banks of the Ohio River... Boy grows up, goes to school, sees too many people who could use a place to enjoy some good motivation and BAM!...a website was born...

Dr. Bryan has been in private practice in Worthington, Ohio for the past 20 years. Worthington is a small suburb of Columbus.

He specializes in pain relief, nutrition, exercise, and weight loss. He is also a certified hypnotist, Bansenshukai Ninjutsu Instructor,and an ordained minister.

In the past Dr. Bryan would give out small pieces of paper with a daily motivational quote to all of his patients. Over time the paper really started to add up...so he began work on this website to share with patients and friends the motivational quotes and thoughts he would print for everyone.

But then he decided to include many other things that inspire and motivate others. Videos, meditations, books, movies...and it grew from there.

Dr. Bryan lives in Ohio and has 3 children...Robert, Rachel, and Reece. He enjoys boating, skiing, travel, and spending time with friends.

Dr. Bryan also has a website for his office with lots of health information. You can Click Here to visit the website!

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