Stress and Motivation

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Stress and motivation is an interesting subject. Stress can actually act as a serious motivator in changing one's behavior. In fact, change cannot occur without first a stressor being applied.

A stressor is an external stimulus or event that causes a change in the organism.this invokes a stress response of increased alertness or attention.

Stress in life represents change. A change for the better or worse will cause a person stress. Stress is perceived as painful in our human existence.

Stress is the presence of the problem, without the problem there can be no solution. So to have a solution to any problem there must be an initial stress that is painful enough to cause change.

Stress can actually be good or bad for the individual. It depends on how the person reacts to the stressor. Eustress is when a stressor causes the individual to act in a manner which solves the problem and relieves the stress. This builds the individual's confidence and problem solving ability.

Distress is when the individual does not seek a solution for the problem. Their focus is on the problem instead of the solution, therefore they feel helpless.

If you look at stress in a positive light, that it fuels the individual to find solutions for problems and to grow, then stress can be your friend.

When you resist the change that is necessary to solve a problem, then you begin to feel distressed.

Our hope is that in this section of the website we would give you stress relief techniques that will help your mind to relax and let you find solutions naturally. Many times, when our mind races and we don't have time to relax, we cannot find a solution.

So take time for relaxation in your life, and you will see that stress is just a catalyst for change. You can relax in knowing that we all have it every day, and how you deal with it will determine your level of success in life.

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