The Pond Meditation Exercise

This exercise is what I call "The Pond." I recommend using the squared breathing exercise for 2 weeks before moving on to this exercise. You may also want to do a few cycles of squared breathing just before you go to "the pond."

The pond is my favorite meditative exercise. It is more of a game than using square breathing. It is easy to do but hard to do well. The first step includes you picturing a beautiful pond in your mind.

After you get that picture of this beautiful place in your mind, pick out a place in the center of the pond and allow your focus to move there. At this point you only see the water and it is perfectly still.

Your only action for this exercise is non-action. You must keep the water perfectly still in your mind. The problem is that the pesky thoughts that enter your mind are rocks falling into the water creating ripples across the pond.

Thoughts of any time are your enemy. I think of it like a game of "Space Invaders." Yes I know I am dating myself.

At first you will only be able to keep the water perfectly still for a brief time, but with practice you will see improvement and feel what it is like to have control of your mind. This is where the feelings associated with meditation will find you.

There is no way to "try" and reach this place. It is releasing all thoughts that will clear your mind and let you produce the alpha waves associated with meditation.

To Recap:

1.Picture a beautiful pond on a warm relaxing day-

2.Focus on the middle of the pond so you can only see the water-

3.Picture the water being perfectly still, holding onto this thought as long as possible-

4.Every time a thought enters your mind picture a rock hitting the water and causing ripples-

5.Your job is to hold the thought of the water being perfectly still, and keeping all other thoughts (rocks) out of your mind.

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