Tell me about your Light

by Patricia
(New Zealand)

Tell me about your light – the places within you that are healed and whole strong and beautiful - Tell me about your light – the credit that belongs to you, the mountains you’ve climbed, the woman you’ve become - Tell me about your light – the lines you’ve drawn in the sand, the forgiveness in your heart, the love you live and breathe, and share - Tell me about your light – the ways you can receive, the times you’ve made yourself proud, the breakthrough moments when a new version of yourself stepped forward and knocked your socks off - Tell me about your light – the sunlight you’ve been to other souls, the saviour you’ve been to your own, tell me all that buds and blossoms and grows around you - Tell me about your light – let yourself see it, feel it, own it, be moved by it -
There will always be more shadows to face, always be more to learn, and more healing to do -
But today, right now, in this moment
stand with me on holy ground and
tell me about your light –
(copied with gratitude, from the writings of Lara Phegan)

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