Love Affirmations

Love is a powerful thing. When you use love affirmations it puts the power of Cupid's Bow in your hands. There are some secrets to making them "extra juicy" so they will bring better results.

The key to this exercise is in the warm up. You need to feel what it is like for you to be in love. Maybe focus on a past love or a pet that you care very much about. Get those feelings spiked before you get to the next step. Really focus on the feelings involved.

The next step is to focus on traits that you would like to have in a mate. I mean every detail. See a picture of that person in your mind. What do they smell like? what do they wear to bed? I mean everything.

Lastly picture that person in your life right now. What would your daily routine consist of? What kind of foods would you share. Yada, yada, yada.

Now put down all of these things on a piece of paper and form your own affirmation. Then carry it with you at all times and repeat your words often throughout the day. Aloud when you can... Well, maybe not in a crowded elevator.

Love Affirmation Examples

-I am in my perfect relationship right now. We share many of the same likes and compliment each other perfectly. This person is my best friend.

-I picture love and it is with me in its perfect form. I am with my perfect mate and we are best friends.

-There is only love in my life now. I am with the perfect person that God put here just for me.

Remember to think of that perfect person in every detail as you repeat your affirmations! And if you want more help in using affirmations to find your perfect love click here!

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