Hearts on Fire

by John Cafferty

Just one of many great motivational songs in Rocky 4, Hearts on Fire is famous for the training montage while Rocky is preparing to face the Russian Boxer Ivan Drago.

The challenge seems insurmountable after the Russian Boxer kills Rocky's best friend Apollo Creed in an exhibition match.

Rocky agrees not only to fight the Russian but also to fight him in his home country.

Rocky then begins to train during a brutal Russian winter when he is joined by his wife Adrian, Pauly, and Apollo's former trainer.

The Russian is fueled by high tech devices for training and steroids to boot.

Rocky uses basic training implements such as rocks, wagons, ropes and running up mountains.

I hope you enjoy this montage.

One of my favorite motivational songs from Rocky 4!

Silence in the darkness creeps into your soul

Envy moves the light of self control

The gate that holds you captive has the door

Burnin' with determination to even up the score

Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within

Heart's on fire, fever's risin', high...

The moment of truth draws near...

Time will not allow you to stay still, silence breaks the heart and bends the will

The moment of truth is here...


Is here

Oh yeah!

Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep withinFever's risin', energizin', right up to till end

Heart's on fire

Strong desire

Rages deep within


Fever's risin' Energizin'

Right up till the end


Heart's on fire

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