Forever and Always..

by K. Brown
(Garland, TX)

In an out, restarting and rebooting ...
around an around we go,
when we stop that will be a no.
An once we are in...
then it pops us out again.

We shall never loose...
that connection in our hearts,
its forever my love.
For this thing called internet,
will not to be our fate.

Our fate is to be hand in hand,
and us to be side by side...
for the remainder of our lives.
The joy an happiness you bring to me...
shall forever be.

Some say it takes two to fall in love.
But with two hearts...and two souls,
doesnt that make 4, or is it 5?
For we shall never forget,
God is in each and everyone.

He took our hearts...
gave us love,
an restarted them both.
He rebooted our lives...
gave us each other,
so that we can live again.

We shall never be alone,
for we always have each other,
plus that main one; to show us the way.
To live...To love...
forever and always.

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