by Van Halen

This is a great inspirational song with an amazing video! From the album 5150, Dreams by Van Halen really does a great job of incorporating the armed forces, particularly the blue angels, with the lyrics and instrumental portions of the song.

Growing up in the 80's, I am a big fan of Top Gun and this video really reminds me of that movie. It is hard to believe that the pilots in this video can pull of such incredible stunts on a regular basis!

I have personally seen the blue angles at 2 different air shows in my life and I must say that seeing this video gives you a different perspective than seeing them live. I recommend both!

I hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to share your favorites and we will share them on the site!

World turns black and whitePictures in an empty roomYour love starts fallin downBetter change your tuneReach for the golden ringReach for the skyBaby just spread your wings

[Chorus:]We'll get higher and higher straight up we'll climbWe'll get higher and higher leave it all behindRun, run, run, awayLike a train runnin off the trackThe truth gets left behindAnd falls between the cracksStanding on broken dreamsBut never losing sightSpread your wings


So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've criedOhh that's what dreams are made ofOh baby we belong in a world that must be strongOhh that's what dreams are made of



Higher and higher who knows what we'll findAnd in the end on dreams we will dependCause thats what love is made of

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