Daily Motivational Quote September 6, 2011

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Tuesday September 6, 2011

"What you are comes to you." -Emerson

This quote is one that I found this weekend in Grand Central Station, New York City while catching a subway. It had a great lesson in growth for me and I would like to share it with you all.

Hopefully you will get a good lesson as well.

You see I am from a very small town. There are actually more cows than people in the county where I grew up. I love this place very much but being in a small town environment made me anxious about visiting the big apple.

Or any big city for that matter...

Ten years ago I went to Chicago and had a great time. A few years ago I went to Los angles and had the same result, but New York still scared me.

So a few months ago when I was invited to a wedding there I was ready to decline due to my fear.

But I decided that I really wanted to attend the wedding so I went. I had all these fears of being robbed, lost, stuck in traffic with a crazy cab driver...

Although I did have a crazy cab driver or two, I had the time of my life in that big city, after I decided that I was going to have a great time and not be fearful.

Seeing today's quote at Grand Central Station made me realize That if I was happy in my heart and wanted to enjoy myself it was up to me.

I made that decision and now I am looking for the next time I can go back. It was a big lesson in growth for me, and one I thouroughly enjoyed!

Maybe there is something you are fearful of that is holding you back. Whatever it is, remember today's quote and keep a happy heart. Fear is erased when love is present. Be love, because what you are will truly come to you!

I Love New York!

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

Life Extension Specialist

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