Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts

by Bruce Lee

Now available in paperback, Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living is an unparalleled volume of Lee's own writings on the wisdom that he used to shape his extraordinary life. Editor John Little, in the tradition of Tuttle's other Bruce Lee Library titles, uses his unprecedented access to Lee's writings to cull the words of the legendary martial artist, actor, and philosopher into this soulful, personal collection.Striking Thoughts is a diverse record of the thoughts and observations that Bruce Lee put on paper in his lifelong quest for self knowledge. A voracious reader, Lee's personal thoughts on life are a unique blend of traditional eastern traditions and modern western ideals. John Little distills the essence of Lee's writings on all aspects of life, including Existence, Achievement, Art, and Personal Liberation. Consider some of Lee's elegant thoughts.

Reader Reviews

"Before finding this book I was unaware of Bruce Lee's work in Philosophy. I am a Phil major myself, and I found the balance of western and eastern thought refreshing. A lot of Philosophy is grouped in long wordy essays that make it somewhat a stratified ivory tower type of field. Lee's book is organzied in easy to read, simple koans, proverbs and sayings. To one who has read a great deal of Buddhism, Psychology, or Eastern thought, they may read a lot of what they may have already read. But this book doesn't disappoint, there are some quality nuggets in here. Bruce says much in few words, his eloquence can be stunning & profound. Although I'm not really into martial arts or anything like that I always revered him in a certain light, in fitness, command, and eloquence. Worth a read, I have new respect for Bruce Lee." -Don Gunn from

"Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts is a Great book that can help you get through any day...bruce lee shows you the way.....this book is for anybody from warrior to worker....this book challenges your human nature....accept the challenge!!!!!!" -Sergio Smith from

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