Bethany Hamilton Tells Her Story!

I love a great motivational video about overcoming obstacles. Bethany Hamilton's story is a great example. We all face obstacles in our lives each day but sometimes it is good to see someone who does something so amazing that it inspires all of us to do the best with what we have.

She shows us that if we truly love something and believe that we can accomplish our goals, nothing can stand in our way!

Her story is one of extreme motivation! She lost her arm to a shark in a surfing accident. She very nearly did not survive the attack. Everyone from doctors to family and friends told her that she would not be able to surf again and should just be glad to still be here.

That did not stop her though. She got back up on a board only three weeks after losing her arm. You can believe me that surfing is not easy with both arms! Balance is very important and also being able to push yourself up from a prone position to standing, yet alone paddling into a wave.

Now she is back to doing what she loves. She is still an expert surfer despite only having one arm. She now speaks to groups about the importance of accomplishing your dreams no matter what gets in your way.

This story is one that will inspire you to do what you were meant to do in this life and see past the obstacles in your life.

Enjoy her story and share it with others. Also check out the movie Soul Surfer that is about this fantastic story.

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