Affirmations For Sports

Affirmations for sports can help to get you fired up and keep you there! A short affirmation is easy to remember and repeat in the heat of competition.

When I was younger I would tape affirmations to my locker so that I would see them for each practice and game that I was competing in. You might want to adopt this practice for yourself to keep your mental focus and edge.

Try putting them in your schoolbooks, folders, mirror at home or in your car as well. The more places you can see the messages and remind yourself of the focus and determination that it takes to win the better.

Many coaches repeat an affirmation with their team before the game begins. Many times it is in the form of a chant that gets louder and louder. The more times an affirmation is repeated, the more you attach the feelings associated with it to your attitude.

I would like to share this video with you about how powerful a short affirmation can be. It is called "I Am A Champion!"

I have never seen such a wonderful example of a coach preparing his athletes for battle. This is one of the most widely viewed motivational videos on the web.

Affirmations For Sports

-I Am A Champion!

-I Am An Unstoppable Force!

-I Am Success!

-I Crush My Competition!

-I Live For This!

-I Was Made To Do This!

-I Will Win This Day!

-My Will Is Stronger Than Any Force In This World!

-I Am Able!

-I Perform To The Best Of My Abilities Each Day!

-I Am Completely Focused On My Goal!

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