Friday March 25, 2011

"Only perfect practice makes perfect." -Frank Groza

This quote comes from my grandfather that I never met, but I heard it throughout my childhood from my mother.

You have without a doubt heard the phrase "practice makes perfect." But have you ever thought about how many people practice what they do every day...and how none of them are perfect?

Perfection is of course a goal that none of us will reach, but most of us would settle for something reasonably close. How then do we edge closer to that place that is "our perfect?"

Just going through the steps of a task, or a job, or a daily routine, is practice...but is it perfect practice?

To be at the place where our practice is more perfect we must focus our attention at the task at hand. I like to say meditate on each thought and on each action. Focus gathers your attention like a light around you and turns it into a laser beam.

A great example is a sports figure at the top of their game. Ask them how they compete at such a high level and they might say they were "in the zone."

That zone is a place where their attention is focused on what they are doing so much that all else fades. There is no distraction...their are no fans...just the task at hand.

Learn to focus your attention on each thought, each action, to get the result you want. This will lead you to a more perfect place in your life.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz