Monday March 21, 2011

“Make each day the best day of the rest of your life."

Each day we all begin with a choice. Will this day be a reflection of what we wanted it to be or a day that is eaten up by a daily routine that slowly becomes less of the reality we were after?

Take time each day to create in your mind the reality you would like to have come to fruition. Start by aking and thanking God for the opportunity to have this day and all the possibilities it brings.

Then recite a few affirmations to put yourself in the positive mindset need to acomplish all that you would like for that day.

Next make a to do list that includes the major things you want to get done,your attitudes you would like to express, ect. Realize that making that list and writing it down will help to get things done on your terms. Think of the times you are trying to get things done so you can leave town. You make a list because these things MUST get done.

You check them off as you go and are very productive that day. Why not every day?

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz