Thursday March 17, 2011

“Healing is an inside job." -Dr. B.J.Palmer

In life, injuries are inevitable. They occur in the body as well as the mind. Some leave visible scars and some are unseen.

The process of how we deal with injuries and heal is a very personal process, but how effectively we accomplish our healing will determine how effectively we can carry on...

When a injury occurs in our physical body, we must first clean the wound to insure that the newly formed cells will have a good surface to cling to. Then we apply a medium to encourage these cells to flourish and heal.

Healing of physical wounds is a science that has come a long way, from a start of cleaning and bandaging to a medium that actually uses live cells to heal more quickly and effectively.

Healing of the mind can be thought of the same way. First we must clean the surface of the injury. This occurs with forgiveness. This is not an act accomplished to somehow benefit the offender but has the sole purpose of cleaning the wound for the one offended.

Next we must build new connections and associations so that healing can occur. Being tied to the past is a sure way to extend the life of a wound.

Application of such tools as affirmations, expression through art, communication with like minded people or family, and prayerful meditation allow for healing and scars to be less the point where you rarely see them at all.

My hope for you is that health and healing will be a growing part of your daily routine.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz