Tuesday March 15, 2011

“Without a test...there is no testimonial."

In life there are plenty of chances to face adversity. It turns some people into chaff and others into champions.

Problems are a part of life. The way we deal with these problems shapes us in ways we may not see in the short term.

I think that it was summed up best by Joel Bauer. Joel states that problems determine our self esteem. What he means by this is that when there are problems in life that we are faced with the challenge of solving, we feel a sense of accomplishment and hence an increase in our self esteem as those problems are solved.

If there are no problems in life, then there is no chance for us to solve those problems and hence a lower self esteem.

So the next time you see someone who "has it so easy" remember, that in itself may be a problem for that person.

So when you are faced with problems in life be grateful and take from them the knowledge and self esteem you have gained.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz