Free Daily Quote, Sunday January 1, 2012

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be." -David Viscott:

What of your goals for 2012?

Are you prepared to do what it takes to make a change?

If you will make an agreement with yourself to change a bad habit into a good one and commit to it for 30 days, you have a good chance of making it part of your reality.

Here are my steps to follow for the next 30 days:

1. See yourself as already being successful every day when you wake up and feel what that success has done in your life.

2. Plan the steps that are necessary to reach that goal.

3. Take Action!

4. Access your progress each day.

5. Change your behaviors accordingly to keep on track.

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In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

Life Extension Specialist

I would ask that if you have a moment today pray for my friend Brian K. who is currently in a major health crisis and in need of your prayers.

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