“The Kingdom of God is inside of you.” –Jesus Christ

Have you ever stopped to think about this statement? Do you trust that the author had you in mind when he said this? The kingdom of God is perfect, just the way it is…and so are you. Of course we all have challenges in life that are to be learning experiences, but inside each cell of our being is the perfection that comes with being a creation of God.

Think of children. The love a parent has for them is perfect even though they are learning and growing each day. They could never hit an obstacle that would make a parent love them less. That is the way God sees you.

Many people get stuck in what I call the “If-Then Syndrome.” In their minds they think “If I can lose 20 pounds then I will love myself,” or “If I can get a promotion then I will love myself.” These thoughts always lead to one place-the place where it is never enough. The attainments you think will bring you happiness will become obstacles in the way of your progress.

When you focus on any obstacles in your way, those obstacles will grow, because they become your focus. Don’t get caught up in the “If-Then Syndrome.” Begin by knowing that you are enough, right now. Know that love for who you are- right now, will build on all of your good points and you will see real growth, because love is your focus.

You are worthy of complete, unselfish, unconditional love by the one who created the entire universe. You should be good enough for you.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz