Thursday, April 13, 2011

You've gotta have hope. Without hope life is meaningless. Without hope life is meaning less and less. -Author Unknown

Being human means you have a longing for a better tomorrow every day. To be more healthy, to have better relationships, to achieve more in all aspects of life. Being alive means you must have hope.

There is an ancient ninja teaching called the Zanson No Ho. It is the basic survival code of a people who are some of the most skilled survival specialists that have ever lived on planet earth. It breaks down how long you can expect to survive without the necessities of life.

The Zanson No Ho says you can survive-

3 Minutes without air

3 Hours without shelter (in harsh conditions)

3 Days without water

3 Weeks without food

3 Months without hope.

Hope is a critical part of our existence. There is really no life without it. It is just as important as air, water, food and shelter.

When all hope is lost, be thankful for all you are blessed with in life, and let that gratitude be your spark of hope.

It only takes one spark to light a fire.

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

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