Free Daily Quote- Thursday April 5, 2012

"Hard work is not the path to well-being. Feeling good is the path to well-being. You don't create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you." -Abraham Hicks

Action is the key to well-being and success in any endeavor, but it does not require hard work if you are truly inspired. You see, the fire that brings the spark of inspired action must be brought from the soul.

The soul must then be inspired from the source. The dictionary describes inspiration as "a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul."

Put yourself in the place where you become inspired from within and you tap into an unlimited source of vibrational energy that can stir you to action.

Want to feel some good vibrations? "Gratitude is the source of enlightenment, praise raises the vibration". -Unknown

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

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