Free Daily Quote Tuesday March 6, 2012

"The joys of the outer life are found by those who are bold about embracing and acting on the joys of their inner life."

- Jackson Kiddard

Nothing in life begins without a dream; an inner vision of what you would like to manifest in your reality.

The level of success in attaining your dream is directly related to how vividly you create the dream in your mind.

Incorporate in your visualization not only what your dream would look like but how it would sound, how it would smell, how would it feel to your touch.

The next ingredient is to imagine how it would feel emotionally to actually have your dream to be a part of your reality. The level of your emotional involvement equals the level of your success.

Finally, put your attention on these thoughts and feelings throughout your day and they will help create the action that is needed to achieve your dreams.

Embrace the joys of your inner life and they will manifest in your reality!

In Health,

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

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