Jack Lalanne Stop Being Tired!

Jack Lalanne was one of the most influential people in modern society regarding health and fitness. He began as an unfit teenager who was admittedly "hooked on sugar" before he attended a chiropractic health lecture when he was 14 and gave up poor eating habits cold turkey.

He began to eat only whole foods the way God intended them to be enjoyed. He recommended eating no dairy foods, small amounts of grains, moderate amounts of protein, and lots of whole fruits and vegetables. He was also a big proponent of drinking plenty of water.

Being so young when he made these changes to his diet, his health and vitality was restored quickly. He became an expert in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

He went on to open many fitness centers around the country promoting health and wellness to all of his clients.

To further promote health and wellness, he would perform feats of strength and endurance. One of my favorites is when he swam from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco. The thought at the time was that this was an impossible feat. He did it with multiple row boats tied to his back.

Later in life, He promoted juicing to people all over the world and sold millions of his Power Juicers.

He died at age 96. He lived like a strong flame that went out when his time came, not like a dimly lit candle that had to be re-lit on several occasions. His example is how we should all live, and how we should transition to the next life. He will be missed.

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