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      Daily Motivational Quote June 22, 2017

Daily Motivational Quote- Every fire is started by one spark. Every revolution begins with one voice, and every great thing that has ever been accomplished begins with one person, and one thought. Daily Motivational Quote is about sharing ideas that will inspire you to "be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

Motivation is the spark that sets the world ablaze. It drives the oppressed to take action, the seeker to find, and brings out the best in all of us.

Some people seem to be born with it. Others long for it. Over the years I have found motivation in many places, from the written word to the lyrics in a song, or a soul-stirring scene from a favorite movie. One thing for sure, motivation is what drives the world.

Advertisers motivate us to buy, politicians motivate us to vote, alarm clocks motivate us to awaken, and children motivate us to do whatever they want us to do. (I have three of my own so I speak from experience!)

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Life is rarely perfect for any of us, and we all could use some good positive motivation from time to time. If you check the mirrors in my home you will always find little motivational messages that I leave to myself. As well as the computer screens, refrigerator, ect.

Looking back, these little daily motivational quotes have had a huge impact on my life and health. That is why I decided to dedicate a portion of my day to share with all of you. How could I not share such a wonderful thing? Here you will find daily motivational quotes for sports, love, health, business, spirit and more!

So please feel free to receive positive motivation from this site, and please give back by sharing what inspires you! Each section of this site is set up so that you can share with all of us what motivates you the most. If it is a daily motivational quote from a book, or a song, or even a piece of art, we would love to hear your thoughts and feelings.

Think of this as a community project in self improvement, and we are all contributors.

In Health,

daily motivational quote

Dr. Bryan Schuetz

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